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  • - Katarzyna Budzynska and Kamila Dębowska. Dialogues with conflict resolution: goals and effects

  • - Okko Buss and David Schlangen. Modelling Sub-Utterance Phenomena in Spoken Dialogue Systems

  • - Robin Cooper. Generalized quantifiers and clarification content

  • - Raquel Fernandez. Early Interpretation by Implicature in Definite Referential Descriptions

  • - Alexander Koller, Andrew Gargett and Konstantina Garoufi. A scalable model of planning perlocutionary acts

  • - Staffan Larsson. Accommodating innovative meaning in dialogue

  • - Paweł Łupkowski. Cooperative answering and Inferential Erotetic Logic

  • - Gregory Mills and Eleni Gregoromichelaki. Establishing coherence in dialogue: adjacency, intentions and negotiation

  • - Volha Petukhova, Harry Bunt and Andrei Malchanau. Empirical and theoretical constraints on dialogue act combinations

  • - Matthew Purver, Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Wilfried Meyer-Viol and Ronnie Cann. Splitting the 'I's and Crossing the 'You's: Context, Speech Acts and Grammar

  • - Hannes Rieser and Florian Hahn. Explaining Speech Gesture Alignment in MM Dialogue Using Gesture Typology

  • - David Schlangen. Practices in Dialogue

  • - Matthew Stone and Alex Lascarides. Inferring Grounding through Coherence and Rationality

  • - William Thompson and Stefan Kaufmann. A Game-Theoretic Model of Grounding for Referential Communication Tasks

  • - Mariusz Urbański and Paweł Łupkowski. Erotetic Search Scenarios: Revealing Interrogator's Hidden Agenda


  • - Ellen Breitholtz. Clarification requests as enthymeme elicitors

  • - Jenny Brusk. A Computational Model for Gossip Initiation

  • - Nina Dethlefs, Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Kai-Florian Richter, Elena Andonova and John Bateman. Evaluating Task Success in a Dialogue System for Indoor Navigation

  • - Marta Gatius and Meritxell Gonzalez. Guiding the user when searching information on the web

  • - Maria H. Golka. Semantics and pragmatics of negative polar questions

  • - Volha Petukhova and Harry Bunt. Context-driven dialogue act generation

  • - Joanna Szwabe. The Communicative Style of the Physically Disabled – a Corpus Study

  • - Thora Tenbrink and Elena Andonova. Communicating routes to older and younger addressees

  • - Marcin Wlodarczak, Harry Bunt and Volha Petukhova. Entailed feedback: evidence from a ranking experiment

  • - Michael Wunder and Matthew Stone. Statistical Evaluation of Intention in Group Decision-making Dialogue



IMPORTANT In order to ensure publication in the proceedings, at least one author of each paper must have REGISTERED link to attend the meeting by 4th May 2010, the deadline of submission of the revised paper.



Authors of best accepted papers will be invited to submit extended versions to Dialogue & Discourse, the new open-access journal dedicated exclusively to research on language `beyond the single sentence'.
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